Ben Kamble

London based UX and Creative Designer

UX and creative designer with 17 years of experience in complete design lifecycle.
Process/ Methodologies
UI Design and prototyping
•    Photoshop
•    Illustrator
•    Sketch
•    Zeplin
•    Axure
•    Invision
•    HTML/ CSS
User Analysis
Understand various user groups, their situations,
objectives and pain points. Build user personas.
Competitive Analysis
Research competitors and understand what user like
or dislike about them and why.
Product Audit
Run incumbent systems through common user scenarios to outline their failures,
inadequacies and areas of excellence.
Co-Design Workshops
•    Scenario Building based on user requirement
•    Task Analysis
•    Storyboarding
       o    Defining a starting point and outcome
       o    Feature Analysis
       o    Developing/ Re-using Patterns
       o    Component Selection
       o    Micro-interaction Design
Ethnographic Research
Understanding the daily situations in which users use the product and the obstacles they face.
Hypothesis Driven Research
Hypothesize why users failed to perform necessary action(s),
implement rational solutions and test it out with the user.
Desirability Study
Understanding user’s emotional response and preference for one design over another.
A/B Testing
Find out which interaction scores better with tested against users.
•    Team
•    Stakeholders
•    Clients
Bombay institute of Technology:
Diploma in Computer Engineering
Year of passing: 2000

R.S. School of Arts:
Certification in Applied Arts
Year of passing: 2003
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