Ben Kamble

London based Creative Director

the Brief
Exxon Mobile wanted to create a tool to enable car owners to find Exxon Mobil partner (M1C) garages for servicing their cars.
This product was to be developed for the Russian Market.
A large part of Russian car owners don't use an online tool for booking car services. The booking were traditionally done via phone, and recently the use of WhatsApp and Telegram (Russian equivalent of WhatsApp) have grown in popularity. The Russian startup “CarFix” has taken advantage of this void and has started creating a strong presence in the online booking space . Carfix is valued at 20-25M USD and has received collaboration from big auto players like Willgood and Bosch Auto.
Exxon Mobil wanted to reach out to their customers in ways that go beyond the traditional marketing sales tactics to sell of their Mobil 1 oils. They wanted to create a permanent link - a supply chain of sorts that binds their customers to them. The two main customers in consideration here are the end car owners (Retail) and the garage owners (Wholesale).
Upon observing the research citing the changing trend from phone to WhatsApp to Carfix and the investment pouring into this space, Exxon Mobil and KHWS felt confident that being in the online booking space would help further Exxon Mobil's motive. In the background, the company has tied up with several garages across Russia. They have offered the garages training, advise and branding to help them up their quality to Exxon Mobil standards.
The online booking tool had two parts, the consumer side for car owners to book a car servicing and the garage (site) owners’ side for them to manage the bookings. The work involved studying research produced by our Russian counterparts, interviewing user representatives and business stakeholders with understanding of the market. Working with a team of account managers, technologist and the project managers to develop end to end user journeys in agreement and prototypes based in it. 
Booking Tool for Consumers
User Journeys:
Prototype and Annotations:
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