Ben Kamble

London based UX and Creative Designer

Noetic is a hospitality focussed marketing technology company. They saw space in the makes to replace the ancient Oracle Opera with a Central Reservation System (CRS) of their own. Opera is a legacy software used by central reservation teams in hotels. The software is used to make and manage bookings, build guest database and take payments. The general industry consensus about Opera is that is is confusing, slow and tedious to use. It has a very steep learning curve and a high rate of error and attrition. However hotels using this system are stuck with it because of it’s legacy nature and the lack of good affordable alternatives.
Competitor Review
We studied Oracle Opera and how it handles various user scenarios. We also graded it’s usability based on:
•  extensiveness
•  simplicity/ intuitive-ness
•  efficiency 
Being the leading product on the market, it gave us an insight in to how users were currently accustomed to making bookings. 
We also interviewed users to identify the short comings of the software and validate our existing understanding of the same. 
Following are just a few of the slides from the review.

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