Proof of concept wireframes for Emirates Airlines. The brief was to conceptualize a digital platform that would allow Emirates to rally interest and create desire in their newly launched destinations.
We researched Emirates Customers’ habits around discovering and investigating new holiday destinations. We found that besides exploring a destination for what it is, people showed a common behavior of planning their holidays around a certain theme or a goal. We found that people wanted to travel to destinations for sightseeing or shopping, they wanted to explore a destination for it’s history and culture or for the culinary or romantic backdrop they served for their holiday goals.
The app allows users to select a holiday theme and a destination. They are then shown all the activities that they could do in keeping with their theme in their destination of choosing. The suggestions are presented to users in video format. If the users like the activity showcased in the video, they can add that activity to their itinerary. Once users have selected enough activities they can then research more detail around them and plan to do them over a suitable duration of time. Once the user has decided when and for how long. They can then book their flights with Emirates Airlines as well as hotel stays and airport transfers with Emirates partners, and earn rewards right through the app.
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